Matthias Schellenberg:


is a Berlin based DoP and filmmaker known through his award winning features

"das weisse Rauschen",

"the Educators" which was screened in Cannes official competition or

"Kroko" all of them also get the german filmpreis in silver.


After studying architecture he graduated in film and television directing at the Acadamy of Media Arts, Cologne in 2002.

Since then he is working mostly as DoP and director for cinema, television, theater and advertising

for companies like: VW, Nestle, Bosch, Hugo Boss, British Airways, Nike or Nine West.


He is also doing documentaries for german and international TV stations as: Arte, 3 Sat, ZDF, WDR or ESPN.

for MTV he did live acoustik sets and musikvideos amongst others for: Apparat,

Foster the people, naked and famous, Cool Savas.


He wrote an article about his work in the book "Kamerabekenntnisse" in 2007

since 2008 he is also teaching in several schools and universities.

and since 2011 he is a member of european filmacademy


His last documentary Katarina Witt, untiteled was an intense journey into the

GDR past to the ice rink of former Karl Marx Stadt shot sep and oct 2012 in

Berlin and Chemnitz.


His last campaign was for British Airways "Hight Cuisine" shot in june 2012 at Peer 59 Studios, New York.


And his last Feature zurck auf Ende is a mystery crime story mainly shot in Berlins Hyatt Hotel in August 2012.

but take a look yourself.